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Who is this for?

This program is for both men and women of all fitness levels from beginner to advanced who want to improve their strength, increase endurance, and burn stubborn fat. You will learn how to build and maintain muscle while improving your overall health and well being. Being able to focus by having maximal energy and stamina throughout the day is crucial to your success and we will help you do just that. This course will not only help to achieve the body that you desire but most importantly, you will be educated on how it's done!

What you will need: 

  • Gym membership
  • A local grocery store
  • A willingness to work hard
Nick & Nico
Nick & Nico "N2"

Meet your coaches


 Born and raised in Miami and certified NASM Personal Trainer for Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise. I spent three years in Los Angeles to pursue my fitness career and build my brand in order to help others fulfill their goals. During my time there, I became addicted to the results of success in all aspects. Now I thrive on inspiring people to push past their limitations and go for what they want in life. Exciting times are ahead for Nico and I, and we’re in hopes to inspire as many people as possible!


 I am a certified trainer with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. I have been helping transform the lives of others for over 10 years! I am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and have been fortunate enough to work with a very diverse range of people from celebrities, training royalty overseas to anyone wanting to improve their health and overall well-being. I truly believe that my purpose on this planet is to help inspire people to take action towards their full potential starting with how they feel; mentally, physically and spiritually. Nick and I want YOU to be the next transformation that we help with! 


What others have been saying about this course:

shawn lopez


I found the workouts are excellent. You provide detailed information. I saw a huge difference in my body. The strength, endurance and my weight slowly started to gradually shed. The types of food you mentioned I ate. I ate healthy majority of...

Kalin Hernandez

Great Course

This course was great. The videos help you understand how to do the exercises with correct form which is helpful to someone like me who hasn’t worked out in a long time. The meal plan has several healthy options so you don’t get bored. An all inc...

paul bruno

Paul’s review

Nick ! Nico! When asked to give my feedback on the course I wanted to make sure I gave it justice. Little background of me. I, like most of your friends in this course played sports in highschool ( 12 years ago) went to college and honest to ...

Rex Lizardo

N2 cool

I'm excited with this course, I will work more harder. Not just to win it, but to improve myself better than before :) thanks for creating this challenge! Done with my challenge I gained strength and lose weight. I will keep on going and add yo...

Emma Vangrimbergen

4 week course

I did the course for 4 weeks so far. And I couldn't be more happy with all around outcome! This program was not only easy to follow but it allowed me to challenge and advance myself in ways i never thought i could. Constant drive and motivation wa...

Michael/Reena Beavers

Badass course

This course helped me lean out and gain the muscle I wanted. Stuck to the program and got results! Thanks n2fitchallenge.

jeffrey miller

Jeffaru’s Review

The N2fitchallenge was by far he most successful work out program I have used yet. I was able to work out on my own with no guidance or assistance from anyone else due to the instructional videos. I saw gains weekly not only in my physique and abi...

Dakota Dempsey

Awesome course!

This course/challenge was great and full of good useful info. It helped me a lot and i am extremely happy with the results that came from the help of this course in such a short time. I also absolutely love that new very helpful content is always ...

emilie richard

Amazing Program!

Definitely a challenging program, but one that will whip anybody into shape! The descriptions were super comprehensible and the thorough videos were great! Highly recommend to someone just starting out or even super fit!

Brandon Alfaro

Everything you need all in one program

Since starting this course I have been feeling better than ever. Not only did I lose weight but I have and been told by others I lost a good amount of fat and looking leaner and defined. Clothes are fitting way better and more comfortable. This pr...

Marissa Lopez

It’s never too late to make today day 1!

Nico and Nick have made it incredibly easy to follow a program that actually works with the n2fitchallenge course. After only the first week of the challenge I lost 6lbs. This course is perfect for everyone and anyone, whether you are a beginner o...

Jairo Arauz

Excellent Program

Well detailed on each exercise, Great for shredding/fat loss. I am beyond than happy with my new body shape/results and body weight! Thank you

Terrie Yefremenko

Very sustainable!

I love this program because it is very sustainable and I can see results! I am loosing my baby weight - lost 8 pounds over the last few weeks and that’s even with a few birthday cheat meals! Definitely changing our lifestyle! We will keep going! T...

Tasha Martel

Awesome !

Absolutely loved this course! Nico is an amazing mentor, coach, and friend. If you are considering signing up, JUST DO IT! You won’t regret it, and your results will make you proud!

Stefan Sing

N2fitness for life!

First things first major major major shoutout to the fitness guru coaches Nico and Nick you guys are awesome and major inspiration! This challenge course was the best thing ever created. I look forward to these challenges more than anything. I bee...

santana khot


N2 fitness challenge was sure a challenge alright! The workouts was super intense! In a good way that is. With a month of discipline and training, I've now notice a positive change in my appearance. I definitely recommend this program to anyone l...

Nico Ragasa

N2 Fitness Challenge "THE game changer"

Prior to getting on the N2 fit challenge, it has been a very long time since I worked out at the gym due to many factors in my personal life. Then came along Nico Van Slyke who has been inspiring me with his social media posts on fitness and just ...

Doug Tucker

N2 fit challenge

Amazing challenge. First one i have done, and changed my outlook on food i was intaking. seeing videos, of exactly how todo the work out took the stress of the gym. I have changed the way i shop for food, sticking with clean food! Thank you both !